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Access Bars®

Acess The Bars - Access COnsciousness

This is a hands-on course that teaches the set of points on the head that, when gently touched, release the blocks that limit abundant receiving. This course also introduces the Access Consciousness tools for transformation and explains the clearing statement.

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8 CEU's for massage therapists! (NCBTMB Approved Provider)

Basic ThetaHealing®

In this hands-on course we will learn and practice doing readings and healings using the techniques developed by Vianna Stibal.

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Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung and Wu Style Tai Chi

Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung is a sophisticated medical chi gung that is suitable for any age or fitness level. Due to its ability to quickly build internal energy (chi) and balance the flow of chi through the body it is used in China for cancer treatment.

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Natural Approaches to Women's Health

Learn how to use herbs, supplements, foods and lifestyle changes to deal with PMS, menstrual problems, and peri- post- and menopausal issues.
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Goddess Wisdom Series 2015-2016

Much of our actions in the world are controlled by subconscious reactions and programming that we simply cannot force into alignment with our conscious intentions. An effective way to move the subconscious is through the use of sacred ritual. Several times a year we will gather to invoke goddesses to faciliate our process. In the rituals we use prayer, meditation, sacred movement and community sharing to gently shift us into the space of infinate possibilites.

October: Kali - remover of obstacles
December: Hestia - illuminator of eternal light
February: Brigid - visionary
April: Quan Yin - releasing the past

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