Dorena Rode, Ph.D., LMT

Healer, Writer, Artist, Gardener, Teacher

Dorena Rode earned her Ph.D. in physiology with an emphasis in alternative medicine from UC Davis in 2004. She was ordained as a Universal Life Church minister in 2007 and as a Buddhist Spiritual Guide (Maroke) in 2010. For the past twenty years she has been maintaining a regular practice of meditation and internal arts (Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Bagua, Hsing Yi). Her extensive knowledge of nutrition, anatomy, energy medicine, physiology, personal recovery, ThetaHealing®, meditation, Access Consciousness®, and herbal medicine allow her to approach her consulting work from a broad perspective.

In addition to her private practice of massage and individual consulting in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Dr. Rode recently founded The Enlightenment & Simple Living Institute (TESLI). The purpose of TESLI is to inspire, encourage, and support people interested in alternatives to their habitual ways of living and thinking. TESLI offers educational and experiential classes and workshops in the areas of simple living, herbal medicine, spiritual development, recovery, alternative health, business marketing and development, Access Consciousness® and ThetaHealing®.

Dorena Rode has been studying and using plant medicines since 1981. She has taught herbal medicine classes at the California School of Herbal Studies, Dry Creek Herb Farm, Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, and the Sutter Integrative Health Center in Davis. She has a BA in chemistry and her graduate research (funded by National Institute of Health - National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) focused on herbs used in female reproductive issues. She loves plants and promotes sustainable growing and harvesting.

Dorena doing Wu Style Tai Chi
Dorena is the author of three books:
Deconditioning Ground
The Twelve Steps as a Path to Enlightenment - How the Buddha Works the Steps
The Answers Are Within - A collection of Personal Stories
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